‘You are a Christian today because someone cared. Now it’s your turn.’

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Advent Liturgy 2020

this crib is Eastern European in origin - I bought it from the internet a few years ago. I think its quite weird with the nativity figures hanging from a metal frame. The colours ate really bright and glitzy and I love the ‘party gear’ worn by the donkey, cow and sheep!

This is a cross between a Nativity Set and an Advent Calendar. I bought this when my boys were children - about 27 years ago!!! However I saw this book last year in The Works in Northallerton - so if you’d like a copy, you know where to look.


This link takes you to Humphrey's Godly play type Nativity. I wonder what he is thinking? Maybe Santa, the snowman, and the Elf can help?


This link show the Angel telling Mary not to be scared, whilst Joseph and the Donkey pulling Santa's sleigh appear to be having a meltdown!


This is a Nativity scene in a walnut shell. It came from Cervinia in Northern Italy



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A friend of mine brought this wooden crib from Bethlehem


Chris's Auntie gave her this Star of Bethlehem with a mini nativity inset, which she had brought from Bethlehem

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